Why buy smarter?

Why buy smarter?

Since the 1970s, the amount of electricity we use to heat and light our homes and to power our domestic appliances has more than doubled. This not only costs a lot more money, but also generates over a quarter of all the UK’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Gradual technological change is making appliances more energy efficient – but the pace of change is not enough to keep up with our ever increasing demand.

Often only high-end models benefit from the best available energy saving innovations and are designed to last. For example, a recent study of washing machines available on the European market found that, over a 20-year period, high-end machines cost an average household roughly 12 Euro cents per wash cycle, while low-end machines cost 27 Euro cents per cycle.

Top10 provides an impartial and independent source of information on the most energy efficient products that save both energy and money in the long term. At the same time we help consumers to transform the market by increasing demand for the best performing products – reducing the impact on your pocket and the planet!

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