Comparing energy use of old and new, energy-efficient appliances

Comparing energy use of old and new, energy-efficient appliances

To replace or not to replace

Knowing exactly when to replace an appliance, especially one that is still working, can be difficult. For TVs, it is particularly complex as there are several different types of technology available. 

A general rule of thumb is that the bigger the screen, the more energy the TV will require to run. But this can vary, so it is worth checking the manufaturer’s declaration or, better still, to monitor the actual energy consumption of your current working appliance before making a purchasing decision. 

Monitoring the energy usage of your current appliance

You can monitor the actual energy usage of your appliance by using a plug-in energy meter. This is plugged into the socket and the appliance is plugged into the meter. Monitoring electricity usage for a month, or even a week, allows you to gain an idea of the annual consumption. 

Bear in mind, you may use your washing machine more frequently at certain times of the year, such as the summer or Christmas holidays. So ensure that you perform the test during a time that represents your typical usage. 

The new EU Energy Label shows the average hourly electricity use of appliances, so you can easily find out how your TV fares compared to a new model before committing to a purchase.  

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